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Join us at our next upcoming HBCU Entrepreneur’s Week Conference which will be hosted at the prestigious Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia, November 05 - 07, 2023.

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Together, we can plant the seeds of success and watch them flourish into remarkable achievements!!

By sponsoring our Activities and Events, you will:

  • Play a pivotal role in nurturing dreams, fueling growth, and fostering a new wave of innovators, entrepreneurs, and business leaders
  • Gain brand recognition
  • Strengthen local community relations at the destinations of all 104 HBCUs located across 20 U.S. States, the District of Columbia, and the U.S. Virgin Islands, as well as around the World via the highly impactful HBCU Alumni.

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By sponsoring Program Development, you become a positive driving force behind fostering inclusive innovation and entrepreneur development.

This level of collaborative support will help nurture creativity, spark ideas, and generate solutions that can reshape industries and uplift entire communities.

Each Program Development Sponsorship is thoughtfully designed in alignment with each brand partners objectives and key results.

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At HBCU Entrepreneur’s Week™️ we believe that everyone should have access to the knowledge, tools, and connections necessary to thrive as an innovator, intrapreneur, entrepreneur, and social impact change-maker!

Together, we can remove barriers, unlock the full potential of historically underserved entrepreneurs, and empower each and everyone of us to make a lasting positive impact on our communities and beyond.

Join a select group of sponsors in supporting the HBCU Entrepreneur’s Week movement and be part of defining a legacy that transforms lives!

To learn more, please contact our Executive Director via email at David.Lewis@goEFE.org